Case Study Design – Indiana Immigration Law Group

This is the case study of Indiana Immigration Law Group about “How to Prove Your Relationship to Immigration so Your Case Isn’t Denied
Where they discussed:
👉 What is a “Bona Fide” Relationship?
👉 Why Does It Matter if Your Relationship is Bona Fide or Not?
👉 How Does the Government Know If a Relationship is Bona Fide?
👉 The Stereotypical Bona Fide Relationship
👉 Your Actual Bona Fide Relationship
👉 Burden of Proof
👉 Classic List of “Red Flags”
👉 A Word on “Over submissions”
👉 Our So-Called “Goldilocks” Standard
👉 Relationship Evidence List
They represent couples around the world through the phases in their immigration process, from fiancé visas, to marriage-based green cards, to citizenship. The founding partners of their law firm are both married to immigrants and have personally been through the process. They understand that the happiness and well-being of your family completely depends on your ability to get through your immigration process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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