LinkedIn is a magician!!

If I ask you “Do you think LinkedIn is a magician?”

What will be your answer?

My answer is, yes I believe it. And I have the explanation of my statement.

I am from Bangladesh. According to BBC News Country Profile, Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with its people crammed into a delta of rivers that empties into the Bay of Bengal.

So it is the country of a lot of opportunities and on the other hand, it is the country of challenge. Yes, we have a big number of young populations in our country and in job sector, they face challenges to get a good job and position and everyone don’t have enough money to start a business. I know business is not all about money, its need passion, need dedication and so hard work but, most of people are looking for a job here instead of starting own business. Another reason of it is lack of skills.

Whatever, I am from this country and I have dream of my own business. And I really dream it. Former president of INDIA A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” (Wings of Fire: An Autobiography). So The dream of be a greatest businessman is always in my mind and I am working on it every day. But, to start a business I need some capital and I have the craziness inside myself to be a great businessman, to help my country and my country people.

I started use LinkedIn from 2014 but I didn’t know the power of LinkedIn that’s why I was out of it but when I started my career as a graphic designer, I came back here and started marketing of my skills. Day by day I got to know that LinkedIn is not only a platform marketing but also it is a bigger platform of professionals. I can learn, I can follow wide minded people and I also can create a strong network through LinkedIn.

I was posted here and asked help here, many people are fear to ask for help but I think every positive people are ask for help and happy to help somebody else. I was in need of help about my career, my portfolio and I got some response from different countries. Suzanne den Exter is one of them who just not only responded on my post, she helped me to make my portfolio more audience friendly. Even she suggested changing my email signature and that was really helped a lot!! But she is from a different country, thousand miles away! I am always thankful to her and will be forever.

So, this is my point to say LinkedIn is a magician. From a country like Bangladesh, I got help from Suzzane who is from different country, I got clients from different county, I work for them to make my living and support my family and that was quite impossible without LinkedIn!

Sayefullah Semen from Netherlands, he is a nicer person I ever seen! Anthony Tover, Maranda Harris, Ann Tilis, Henry Johnson, Khyl Farrison, Mona Lisa All of them are very nice to me and friendly persons. They helped me and still they are with me. I have no words to say enough thanks to all of them.

LinkedIn is the magic by which I found them.

I don’t know how clear I can express my point of view but i tried my best.

As I got help from all of them, I am always looking forward to help people who need my help, who need my skills.

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