Do you have a restaurant? Then its for you.

Read it first and guess what I am talking about! Now I am putting it as “it”

1) Makes a good first impression
Most purchasing and consumption behaviors are based on first impressions. Since humans are highly visual beings, visual cues are very important. “It” can be a sign of credibility and professionalism. It can also communicate what kind of restaurant it is (food type, cost, formal or not) which helps a diner decide whether they want to visit or not.

2) Attracts more customers
An effective “It” attract customers. Once customers become familiar with it, they will associate it with their experience which can reinforce future visits. Take McDonald’s for example. The golden arches can often be spotted a mile away and will have kids asking for a Happy Meal or adults envisioning salty French fries. Those are also easier to process while driving and looking for a place to eat, when compared to reading restaurant names.

3) Increases memorability
40% of people remember the things they see more than the things they hear or read about. Just take a look at Apple and Nike’s “It”. It’s hard to think of the brand without imagining “It”. Furthermore, they are so engrained that marketing need not show anything but it to credit the brand. A good one will give customers a helpful piece of information to improve recall of the restaurant in the future.

4) Communicates a message
“It” is a great way to communicate the restaurant’s message because it can hint at the story and history behind the brand. It can also show illustrate the reasons behind ‘why’ the owner is in business.

For example, a famous meatloaf from a secret family recipe handed down from previous generations or a best-selling ravioli from an unforgettable European trip can be incorporated. These kinds of unique stories can create a more personal and intimate brand. The resulting “It” can then be the starting point of the business owner’s core message.

5) Stand out from competitors
Having a definitive and distinctive “It” for a restaurant allows the brand to stand out in a sea of eating establishments. The restaurant can differentiate itself from the rest of its competitors.

Imagine there are three steakhouses in one town, but one has a “it” of a steak with a fork in it and a ‘SH’ “it”type. Now imagine driving into town and seeing signs with restaurant names and then seeing the steak sign. If you are a steak lover, you are going to be drawn to that restaurant. The imagery is powerful and enables restaurants to communicate their offering in a new way to stand out.

Leading restaurant “its”

Let’s take a look at some of the restaurants that have simple but memorable “its” that have endured through the years. Starbucks’ green mermaid “it” is a memorable one that does not need any words for people to know the business it represents.

Chick-fil-A has a classic “it” that combines the “C” letterform and the shape of a chicken to clearly establish itself as a chicken restaurant.

The Golden Arches of McDonald’s is also an iconic “it”, as mentioned above, that is both simple and timeless.

How a “it” fits into a restaurant’s brand

The “it” is a representation of a restaurant’s brand. It reinforces the brand message and works as a symbol to illustrate the brand across all marketing materials. It is powerful in that the one image represents the establishment in its entirety. If created effectively, it can play an important role in attracting customers and keeping them coming back. Because these are fundamental to the success of a restaurant, a good “it” is of great importance.

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